Sunday, July 26, 2015

Waiting and Salting

The cheese put off a lot of liquid whey.  That would have been a great thing to document.  Maybe I'll so that on the next round!

Apparently I was in a rush because I also did not take pictures of the salting, but I followed directions as stated on the website recipe.

 "The curd now needs to drain and consolidate in the forms for another 24 hours before turning and salting."
 It was not specified to cover the cheese, but it just made me feel better eliminating the possibility of small winged forms of protein having access to the cheese.
This picture is taken before I got to the point of salting.  The curds were moist and not cohesive. Can you see the small amount of whey at the base of the photo?  It had slowed down quite a bit at this point.

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