Wednesday, July 1, 2015


This summer's ventures include taking Microbiology.  It is a requirement for the RN year of nursing school, and while I could take in the fall along with my other courses, I think it is wise to lighten the load a bit.  This blog is one of the assignments for the course.  

Now, in spite of the title, I LOVE biology, but in my one day of reading for the class I have definitely learned that if microbes can do one thing, it is create a stink.  Now I just have to decide which fermented project to choose. 

I could go the easy route and do yogurt.  I have made my own yogurt for years, but I haven't made it once since I started nursing school last August, so we could stand to have some fresh yogurt, but where is the adventure in that!

I have Z-E-R-O interest in sauerkraut, though my distaste for it comes from trying in 7th or eight grade, so I'll give it a +2 on the interest scale.

I unsuccessfully tried to nurture kefir in Spain, so I could give that a second +6 on the scale.

Every healthy person I know raves about kimchi so I'll give that one a +6 as well.  

I think my number one interest for fermentation, a +8.75 on the interest scale, is kombucha. First of all the name is just cool.  Second, when I told someone about the project she said she had a "mother" for me if I was interested.  I mean how cool is that.  I am rather fond of mothers after all.  

But, if I a being completely honest, I want to try kombucha because of its appearance at minute 2:45 in Kid History episode 6.

I am a little scared to taste it, but if I can help an 86 year old use the commode, I can try kombucha...right?

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