Friday, July 17, 2015

Finally Settled

I have finally settled on what I am going to make.  I am starting it today now that I have been able to gather all the proper supplies.  I am going to make lactic cheese, (delectable name, huh?)  I am going to make one batch with fresh goat's milk and another with whole pastureized cow milk.  One batch will be softer and will be drained with butter muslin and the other more firm an using a cheese mold.

Before you Begin:

You will need:
1 gallon of milk (Please note the choices above
1 packet of either our Chevre or Buttermilk culture 
Liquid Rennet if using the Buttermilk culture 
A good thermometer
A knife to cut the curds, and a spoon or ladle to stir the curds with.
A colander and butter muslin to drain the curds
Several molds - 6 per gallon. The Chevre or Crottin molds work well for this
Everything needs to be clean and sanitized.
Further instructions will be added as I progress.  

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